Know Your Grower: Ana Guimarães

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Ana Guimarães


Honesta Coffee is removing the filter between coffee farmers and coffee lovers. We know all of our growers and roasters in Brazil personally, and we want you to know them too. Ana Guimarães, after all, is so much more than "just" a coffee producer. 

This amazing 56-year-old is a married mother of two, and an interior designer. She moves with confidence and elegance through so many disciplines, commitments and spaces, and the grace she has cultivated along the way has become part of her identity, and helped her on her path to becoming one of Honesta Coffee's most prized growers. 

Ana is a producer at Fazenda Grama Coffee, located in the south of Minas Gerais, a region with a long and storied coffee tradition. Today, the farm is taking a new direction: aiming at greater productivity and a higher quality bean, which they are doing by investing in research, improvements in the production cycle and people—like Ana. 

After spending her most intense season ever on the farm, Ana realized that her dedication to the production and cultivation of coffee was growing, and had awakened an enormous interest in studying and acquiring a deeper understanding of its history and its various modalities. She told us a little about this process:
“It's a daily learning experience and very surprising," Ana explained. "Knowing that coffee cultivation and tradition remain on the farm in an artisanal way, gaining important technological allies ranging from planting to processing, motivates me intensely and shows the importance of care throughout the production process of the farm and of the people and families involved. I've come to understand the importance of having women present at all levels of production. The consequence of their presence, as I've seen, is their personal empowerment and a greater acceptance of women in the business of coffee generally.”


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