How Coffee Makes Life and Lives Better

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We know coffee makes day-to-day life better. But does it make your actual lifespan longer and  healthier too? Short answer: yes. 

Contrary to conventional wisdom, coffee is actually one of the healthiest drinks on earth.
Why? Some of the most potent health-boosters in coffee are the antioxidants that protect your cells and system from the oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Oxidation causes everything from wrinkles to cardiovascular disease to cancer. And believe it or not, more of us get our antioxidants from coffee than fruit and veggies combined
Other studies show that regularly drinking around four cups of coffee lowers your risk of dying by an estimated 12%-16%.
Thankfully, coffee culture across the U.S. is booming, which means it's easier than ever to get a cup of seriously healthy and delicious java than ever before. 
A recent analysis from named the best coffee cities in the U.S., judging it on the number of independent coffee shops serving of single-origin artisanal brew from third-wave coffee growers. Spoiler alert, the top four were all out West: Oakland, CA;Portland, OR; San Francisco, and the No. 1 city, Seattle, where the percentage of local coffee businesses topped 71%.
At Honesta Coffee, we’d love to help our headquarters in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. crack the top 10. Coffee lovers can find us at phenomenal outposts and cafes, including Palette Café, Wm. H Buckley Farm, Whole Harvest and Pleasant Valley Farm.  
Every time you enjoy a cup of Honesta Coffee, you’re supporting women, equitable trade and sustainable coffee production in Brazil. Honesta Coffee is the one and only source for single-origin, small batch Brazilian coffee in North America. 
You’re also supporting the health of your body, women in Brazil and the community in which you live. 

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