On the Road: Fazenda da Grama Coffee Farm

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Honesta’s founder Erin Maciel is on the road! Erin landed in Brazil last week and is off on an epic journey to visit as many of Honesta’s coffee farmers as she can. Follow along, and check out the trip from Campinas, Sao Paulo to Arceburgo, Minas Gerais, and her visit to coffee growing partner Fazenda Grama.
Image of the entrance gate to the city of Arceburgo in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Erin toured the coffee-processing areas and drying decks, and explored some of the historic buildings on the farm, which dates back to the mid-19th century. Until recently, Fazenda Grama focused on producing coffee on a large-scale for co-ops, but now they are shifting to sustainable specialty coffee.

Image of Honesta Coffee founder with Ana Guimares, coffee grower in Brazil

Image of Honesta Coffee's founder, Erin Maciel, inspecting dried coffee husks before processing into green coffee.

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