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Taina Bittencourt and her husband José Renato took over his father’s farm in 2014. At the time, they were still students, and while they were dedicated to continuing the family’s legacy of producing carefully farmed beans for stellar coffee, they wanted to build upon the family’s progress, and push it to ever-higher levels of quality.

In the first year, their careful hands-on farming earned recognition, with their coffee earning fifth place in the prominent Cup of Excellence contest. (Every year, hundreds of producers compete, and the winners are considered at the top of the world coffee field). 

Since then, their reputation and profile has only grown, and they are some of the most sought-after producers in the world. They founded a cooperative with other quality-obsessed producers, called Coopiata. Their coffee is hand-picked by a team of women farmers who only select the ripest cherries. Once harvested, they are placed in a tank with water in the shade for 24-36 hours. Less dense fruit is removed, and the coffee is taken for classification, with the best and ripest fruit selected.

Then, the coffee is spread on a concrete patio until it reaches 13-14% humidity. The coffee is put in boxes to rest, and before being processed is once again brought up to optimal humidity. (We said they were obsessed with quality!) 

We are thrilled to be able to offer this AWARD-WINNING TEAM'S COFFEE under the Honesta label! We hope you’re as excited as we are. Click here to order now, in the 12 ounce, 16 ounce or 5 pound size. 

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