Malvina's Coffee Beans are HERE! 

Single-origin whole bean coffee directly from Malvina Duarte of Fazenda Montueira farm located near Carmópolis de Minas in Minas, one of the most highly regarded specialty coffee terroirs in Brazil. The family farm dates back to 1882, when farmers understood that the fertile soil, high altitude (more than 1,000 meters above the sea) and mild temperature created ideal conditions for growing coffee beans. 

We believe that the farm, which also hosts one of the largest forest reserves in the region, the numerous natural springs and its thoughtful approach to cultivated biodiversity—they also grow and sell organic fruits and vegetables— contribute mightily to the incredible flavor of the coffee.  

You’ll find notes of mocha and bright raspberries in the unique Mundo Novo beans we’re sourcing from Malvina at Fazenda Montueira. Q-Graded at 83 points.